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Washington, D.C.

After an interesting week in Los Angeles I am now in Washington, D.C. It’s colder here in the mornings and evenings, but the last two days have cleared in the afternoon, showing off the Spring blooms and blossoms to full effect. I mentioned in my last post some of the things I like and dislike […]

All the little travellers: the children of ‘Morningtown Ride’

This post is co-written with Sarah Green, and was first published on the Find & Connect web resource blog on 29 February 2016. Sarah Green It’s a sad fact that many people who were in care do not know what they looked like as children. When I was the Find & Connect Client Liaison Officer […]

On Bowie

This will be one more in the thousands of blog posts, thinkpieces, columns and articles written about David Bowie over the coming days, one which tries to explain why the news affected me as much as it did. I bought Bowie’s new album, Blackstar, on Friday and had listened to it a number of times. […]

On Greer, archives and controversy

The thing is about archives … they are the paydirt of history. Everything else is opinion. At a certain point you actually need documents. Germaine Greer, 20 February 2013 I am a product of 1990s academia, a reader of Judith Butler, a postmodernist and a queer. I could say a lot about my own views on […]

40 Years of Museum Computing: a Timeline JS experiment

Humanities in Public is an initiative by Digital Fabulists, described as “the first step towards nurturing a community of researchers who are skilled communicators using cutting-edge tools to blow stuff up (metaphorically, of course).” We kicked off last week, with a session looking at a few basic tools for producing maps, timelines, digital narratives, presentations, […]

The atomic continuum

This afternoon I spent two and a half hours in one of those wonderfully rambling meetings that sometimes happen in research centres, meetings which – even if convened with specific intentions – wander off to cover a whole range of topics and concepts, complemented by anecdotes and tangents. During the meeting, as often happens (in […]

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