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Something 2 Work 2

This post comes with a soundtrack. Different people work in different ways. Some┬áneed to read, write and think in silent solitude, while others can be happily productive in a cafe while conversation, music and noise swirls around them. Some will work away while you chat to a colleague┬áin their office; others will ask you to […]

Reflections on #blogjune [#blogjune 30]

We made it! Though I feel a little like I ran out of puff on the home stretch – overseas in Canada at the Association of Canadian Archivists conference my time filled up with sessions and related social happenings, plus a few urgent issues which arose back in Melbourne – the #blogjune experience has still […]

On procrastination [#blogjune 17]

Hello, my name’s Mike and I’m a procrastinator. For as long as I remember I’ve been a fairly serious procrastinator. I fiddle and faff about on anything I can find until the last minute – until a deadline is looming threateningly over me – before I am urged into action. This mostly applies (as with […]

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