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The atomic continuum

This afternoon I spent two and a half hours in one of those wonderfully rambling meetings that sometimes happen in research centres, meetings which – even if convened with specific intentions – wander off to cover a whole range of topics and concepts, complemented by anecdotes and tangents. During the meeting, as often happens (in […]

Physical office, digital outhouse

On Thursday 23 July I attended New directions in making history at the State Library of Victoria, part of the Making public histories seminar series. After the presentations the discussion was opened up to the floor. The first contribution (which was taken as a comment) came from an audience member who seemed to have a deep distrust […]

Preserving records for ‘Forgotten Children’

Today the news is filled with stories about the Australian Human Rights Commission’s report The Forgotten Children: National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention (2014) and the Government’s reaction to its findings. Of the 800 or so children currently in mandatory closed immigration detention (including 167 babies born there) the AHRC notes ‘the negative impact that prolonged immigration detention […]

Musings on collections [#blogjune 2]

I spent most of today in a large meeting room, running a workshop for a few members of a large government department. We were talking about how to get control of your records, resources, documents, files – or, to use my default word while training: stuff. A key focus was the importance of collections. When […]

Am I an archivist?

After several years of vacillating, last week I finally joined the Australian Society of Archivists as an Associate member. The decision not to apply for Professional Membership immediately was partly financial and partly because I see Associate Membership as a first step into the organisation. While investigating my options, I noted the following. Professional Membership […]

Not just paper: the importance of non-traditional records

When many people think of archival records, they think of paper – paper in files and filing cabinets, files in boxes, loose pages in drawers, bound ledgers and registers, printed photographs. But many archivists think about records more broadly. For example, the New South Wales State Records Act 1998 defines a ‘record’ as: “any document […]

My Year in Review

Traditionally around this time people start looking back, trying to sum up what happened over the past twelve months in politics, culture, society, or their own lives. I also find people I know outside work still regularly ask me what I actually do. Sometimes repeatedly. After all, I am a ‘Research Archivist’ not connected to […]

Submission in response to consultation paper on the Royal Commission

On 26 November 2012, some of my colleagues and I submitted a response to the Australian Government’s consultation paper on the Establishment of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. My involvement came about through my position as Acting National Program Manager for the Find & Connect Web Resource project, but the […]