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Preserving records for ‘Forgotten Children’

Today the news is filled with stories about the Australian Human Rights Commission’s report The Forgotten Children: National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention (2014) and the Government’s reaction to its findings. Of the 800 or so children currently in mandatory closed immigration detention (including 167 babies born there) the AHRC notes ‘the negative impact that prolonged immigration detention […]

Warning: contains traces of nuts [#blogjune 18]

This is my inaugural #blogjune rant. You have been warned. Tonight I visited my parents for my Dad’s 71st birthday. By the end of the evening it had become a rant against the state of Australian politics, capitalism, corporations, and university job cuts. Here’s the abbreviated version. I have always been a lefty, and think I […]

On punk and politics [#blogjune 15]

Warning: this is one of those ‘back in my day…’ [wags finger] posts. I’m still a little deaf, battered and bruised after last night’s great Hard-Ons 30th anniversary gig at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne. There was lots of jumping around, crowd-surfing, stage diving, beer spitting and rushing the stage. It was messy, loud and […]

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