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What do I want to learn in 2017?

This is the final of three related blog posts to start the year, all reflecting on where I am professionally and what lies ahead. The first post, How did I end up here?, talks about how I became an archivist; the second, What have I learned?, tries to sum up some of the things I’ve worked out […]


What a year. So many aspects of 2016 were awful in so many ways. The horror-shows that were Brexit and the US election. The rise of minor parties and failures of policy and basic humanity (Dutton anyone?) that characterise the Australian political landscape pre- and post-election. Heartbreaking stories of refugees fleeing for Europe and the plight […]

Something 2 Work 2

This post comes with a soundtrack. Different people work in different ways. Some need to read, write and think in silent solitude, while others can be happily productive in a cafe while conversation, music and noise swirls around them. Some will work away while you chat to a colleague in their office; others will ask you to […]

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