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On Bowie

This will be one more in the thousands of blog posts, thinkpieces, columns and articles written about David Bowie over the coming days, one which tries to explain why the news affected me as much as it did. I bought Bowie’s new album, Blackstar, on Friday and had listened to it a number of times. […]

Something 2 Work 2

This post comes with a soundtrack. Different people work in different ways. Some need to read, write and think in silent solitude, while others can be happily productive in a cafe while conversation, music and noise swirls around them. Some will work away while you chat to a colleague in their office; others will ask you to […]

Punk archivists [#blogjune 24]

Readers who follow me on Twitter will know I’m one of those people who sometimes makes up my own hashtags. Some of these include the word ‘archivist’. For example, I use #travellingarchivist when tweeting on the road. But the one with the most meaning to me is #punkarchivist. First, to state the obvious, I like punk […]

On punk and politics [#blogjune 15]

Warning: this is one of those ‘back in my day…’ [wags finger] posts. I’m still a little deaf, battered and bruised after last night’s great Hard-Ons 30th anniversary gig at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne. There was lots of jumping around, crowd-surfing, stage diving, beer spitting and rushing the stage. It was messy, loud and […]

Kristin Hersh [#blogjune 12]

After a hectic day at work, I am heading to Northcote Social Club tonight to see Kristin Hersh. I’ve been a fan for a long time, but have never seen her perform live. Can’t wait for the show! But it means no time for an extensive #blogjune post today. So, in place of words, here’s the […]

Obsolete formats [#blogjune 6 and 7]

I missed a #blogjune post yesterday. After an intense time at work I rushed home, had a quick snack, packed up some records and compact discs, and headed to the Rainbow Hotel in Fitzroy to DJ for four hours with my friend ‘Lilstormer. I play on a mix of vinyl and CDs these days, increasingly […]

Travel Plans [#blogjune 5]

Posting every day for #blogjune means occasionally I’m going to need to resort to a bit of self-indulgence. This is one of those occasions, so I’ll keep it short. In March 2014, when I first heard the news Kate Bush was performing live in London, my immediate thought was ‘I have to go’. As of tonight, all […]

From Thaemlitz to Duchamp and back again [#blogjune 3]

This post comes with a soundtrack. [Or at least, it used to but the link is now broken. Please look up a Terre Thaemlitz track on YouTube, Spotify, or another music service and listen as you read – Mike Jones, 2 February 2017.] I’m an unabashed music geek with broad, eclectic taste. But I’ve got a […]

Riot Grrrl

Tonight (Wednesday 15 January 2014) I’m heading to the Corner Hotel in Richmond, Melbourne to see The Julie Ruin. For me – and I suspect for others – it is not only a chance to see an excellent, original and wildly entertaining current band. It’s also an opportunity to see a live show featuring Kathleen […]

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