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How did I end up here?

This is the firstĀ of three related blog posts to start the year, all reflecting on where I am professionally and what lies ahead. It talks about how I became an archivist. The second post, What have I learned?, tries to sum up some of the things I’ve worked out getting to this point; and the […]


I have made a last minute decision to throw myself into #blogjune and see what happens. My primary motivation, true to the #blogjune intention, is to try and get into the habit of blogging more frequently by taking the ‘daily blog’ challenge. But it should also be worthwhile as June 2014 is shaping up to […]

Context Junky is back!

After my last blog post in December 2012, my plan was to take a break for a couple of weeks. That break turned into a year plus a couple of weeks. 2013 was exciting, interesting and engaging. But it was also just a little insane. For most of the year I felt over-committed and over-worked, […]

Welcome to Context Junky

While I have watched the blogging phenomenon from the sidelines for many years, if you had asked me two weeks ago whether I was considering starting my own blog I would have said no. But here we are. What happened? It started with my intention to write a conference proposal for Digital Humanities 2013 in […]

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