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On Greer, archives and controversy

The thing is about archives … they are the paydirt of history. Everything else is opinion. At a certain point you actually need documents. Germaine Greer, 20 February 2013 I am a product of 1990s academia, a reader of Judith Butler, a postmodernist and a queer. I could say a lot about my own views on […]

From Thaemlitz to Duchamp and back again [#blogjune 3]

This post comes with a soundtrack. [Or at least, it used to but the link is now broken. Please look up a Terre Thaemlitz track on YouTube, Spotify, or another music service and listen as you read – Mike Jones, 2 February 2017.] I’m an unabashed music geek with broad, eclectic taste. But I’ve got a […]

Sex and the wiki

I spent my walk home thinking about an article I read just before leaving the office: How can Wikipedia woo women editors? Unlike some of the comments (yes, I read them) I don’t think the problem has arisen because women have ‘less interest in general knowledge than men’ due to ‘women’s TV’. For the record, […]