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The Ernest Westlake Archive: the extensive online resource behind Into The Heart of Tasmania

Stories in Stone: an annotated history and guide to the collections and papers of Ernest Westlake (1855-1922) by Rebe, Mike and Gavan McCarthy of the University of Melbourne’s eScholarship Research Centre, makes available the digitised papers of Ernest Westlake, including those created during his journey to Tasmania in 1908-1910, when he collected over 13,000 stone tools.

Here are Rebe and Mike to tell the story of the archive and explain how two publications and two journeys became entwined.

Preparation [#blogjune 20]

Tonight it’s time to prepare. To pack clothes, check my washbag, run through the flight details, check my wallet and passport are in place, and – because I’m paranoid – check and re-check everything umpteen times until I finally get in a cab tomorrow morning. I do the travel thing fairly regularly as part of […]

Ulysses and other books I haven’t read [#blogjune 16]

This year I was planning to finally read Ulysses in its entirety in time to celebrate on 16 June. I even took it off my bookcase a couple of weeks ago and put it on my coffee table so it was staring at me. But I didn’t. I didn’t even start. So, other than the first 50 […]

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