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Seven years scratching an itch

I have little interest in numerology and related fabrications, but there seem to be a lot of social and cultural concepts involving the number seven. Heavens, saumurai, sins, dwarfs, seals, seas, signs, wonders, pillars of wisdom, hills of Rome and years in Tibet – all magnificent sevens. Seven (or, if you’re David Fincher, Se7en) years ago I […]

From Thaemlitz to Duchamp and back again [#blogjune 3]

This post comes with a soundtrack. [Or at least, it used to but the link is now broken. Please look up a Terre Thaemlitz track on YouTube, Spotify, or another music service and listen as you read – Mike Jones, 2 February 2017.] I’m an unabashed music geek with broad, eclectic taste. But I’ve got a […]

Archives and Art History 1 – Clement Greenberg

A couple of weeks back (29-30 November 2012) I travelled to Sydney for Reinventing Archival Methods, a two day workshop presented by the Australian Society of Archivists and the Recordkeeping Roundtable. Amongst the wide-ranging discussions were reflections on the place of archives and archivists in today’s increasingly digital world and – as a trained art historian […]

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