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Month: November 2012

Submission in response to consultation paper on the Royal Commission

On 26 November 2012, some of my colleagues and I submitted a response to the Australian Government’s consultation paper on the Establishment of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. My involvement came about through my position as Acting National Program Manager for the Find & Connect Web Resource project, but the […]

On Digital Archives

In a post on You Ought to be Ashamed on 9 November 2012, Rebecca made an interesting point regarding the funding of archives, with particular reference to recent issues with the state archives in Georgia, USA: “It’s obvious to those of us working in the archives profession that you can’t have archives without professional archivists. But […]

Welcome to Context Junky

While I have watched the blogging phenomenon from the sidelines for many years, if you had asked me two weeks ago whether I was considering starting my own blog I would have said no. But here we are. What happened? It started with my intention to write a conference proposal for Digital Humanities 2013 in […]

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